Healing with Aromatherapy

Guest Post by: Nadim A. Shaath, Ph.D. In the modern world, our sense of smell is bombarded with, and exhausted by, all the aromas that surround us. Upon awakening, we take baths and showers, lathering

8 Health Benefits of Green Juice

The American Heart Association recommends eating 9 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables EVERY SINGLE DAY. Did you know that? Better yet, are you doing that? Here's the sad truth: even if you are getting nine

Rest Is Essential For Best Health

When it comes to natural living, one of the easiest and best things you can do for yourself is focus on your sleep health. Time asleep in bed should not be your only concern, though.

What Are Essential Oils?

You've probably heard of essential oils, but if you don't really understand what they are, or are wondering what the big fuss is about, don't worry, you're not alone. It wasn't too long ago that

How To Boost Your Immune System

Essential oils have become a huge part of basically every aspect of our family's lives and with the cooler temperatures right around the corner, and "cold and flu season" on many of our minds, here are my (current) top

Why I Started Using Essential Oils

By now it's probably safe to say, it's no secret, I LOVE Essential Oils! You've most likely seen my posts on how incredible they are for natural health and honestly, I've grown pretty obsessed with

How To Sleep Better

We know that eating well and staying in motion are both incredibly important to our health. But when it comes to the overall health of your body, getting adequate amounts of healthy, restful sleep is

Should I get a Flu Shot?

As the leaves are starting to change colors, the morning air is turning crisper and the pumpkin spice everything is re-surfacing, I can't help but smile. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons and these

The Importance of Marital Intimacy

Hopefully, it comes as no surprise to you that the female orgasm is a natural and wonderful thing. However, it may actually be more important than you thought and unfortunately, it's often considered "taboo" to talk about.

How to Create a Self Care Plan

It probably comes as no surprise that self-care is important. I find we're pretty good at taking care of ourselves, until we become stressed and/or life becomes hectic. If this sounds like you, you're not alone. The problem is, however,

How to Decrease Your Stress

We live in a very fast-paced world, which means that suffering from high stress is no stranger to many of us. Although being stressed seems to be the norm in this day and age, decreasing

Natural Solutions for Hormones

The use of essential oils for health dates back thousands of years, and is even referenced in the Bible. I'm continually looking for ways to decrease the toxic load on my body and find natural

How to Re-Ignite Your Spark

Do you feel like your libido has lost its way? Do you desire a more robust sex life with your spouse but find yourself struggling? Lacking sexual desire is something that creeps up on many

How To Let Go After a Long Day

Do you ever feel like you just can't wind down and shut your brain off at the end of the day? Yeah?... Me too! But in order for us to be our most productive, energized

How To Decrease Mental Fatigue

There have certainly been times in my career that I have suffered from burnout, and while I continually work to decrease the stress in my life and avoid getting burned, I am not an expert on

How To Get What You Really Want

Let's be real, some days are anything but easy. We are people and people have problems. The only way to get rid of problems is to get rid of people. Just because you are having

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