Lavender Essential Oil for Stress Relief

3 Ways to Use Lavender to Decrease Stress

Lavender is an incredibly versatile, powerful, and yet still gentle essential oil for naturally balancing our body’s systems. We often recognize it for its ability to both relax and balance emotions, but did you know that it also affects our Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, and our Skin at a deeper level? It promotes a general sense of wellbeing, […]

12 Minute Morning Routine To Decrease Stress

How to Promote Physical, Emotional and Mental Health in 12 Minutes or Less

Our bodies are designed to handle stress, and going through bouts of it, is a completely normal and beneficial physiologic response. If I’m being chased by a tiger, I’d much rather my body ramp up and kick into fight or flight mode, than decide to kick back and take a load off! Wouldn’t you? The problem comes, […]