8 Health Benefits of Green Juice

The American Heart Association recommends eating 9 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables EVERY SINGLE DAY. Did you know that? Better yet, are you doing that? Here's the sad truth: even if you are getting nine

Rest Is Essential For Best Health

When it comes to natural living, one of the easiest and best things you can do for yourself is focus on your sleep health. Time asleep in bed should not be your only concern, though.

How Sugar is Making Us Sick

Many of us know that eating lots of sugar is unhealthy, but really how bad is it? What is it really doing to our body, and what's the big fuss? The problem with sugar doesn't come

Why Fat Is Not the Enemy

For years fats have gotten a bad rep. We were told that fat free is better, saturated fats are horrible and eating fats is what makes us fat. We've been told that carbs should be our

The Benefits of Asparagus

Much like many vegetables, asparagus has numerous health benefits. However, did you know that asparagus is one of the most nutritionally balanced plant-derived foods? It's true! It's full of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and leads

The Truth About MILK

Ever heard of "Got Milk?!" Somehow, way back when, dairy companies ran an unbelievably successful campaign and convinced many of us that drinking dairy milk is healthy and will make us grow up strong! This

How To Lose Weight and Improve Your Nutrition

The best path to wholistic wellness, to lose weight or to improve and maintain good health is to adjust your diet to include the most nutrient-dense foods and exclude the high-calorie foods that lack nutritional value.

How To Push On With Your Health Goals

Do you ever wonder if all the hard work and the effort of healthy living is even worth it?!?! I mean seriously?! Working out is HARD. Eating clean isn't the norm in our society, unfortunately, and

How To Deal With Slow Progress

There are few things more frustrating than working your tail off and not seeing results. I mean truly! Eating healthy and making time for your fitness daily is HARD work! So what happens if you

How To Stay On Track & Maximize Your Nutrition

Improving our health and getting fit doesn't happen by accident, and it certainly takes hard work, consistency and dedication. There are, however, some things that we can start implementing right away that have a large

How To Tune Up Your Diet

Does your diet need a tune up?! Here are 5 simple, but important tips that will take your nutrition to the next level. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. The vast majority of the healthy

What To Eat for Health and Longevity

One of the biggest keys to achieving optimal health is eating real foods. Foods free from chemicals, added preservatives, artificial sweeteners and other harmful fillers which may not even be listed on the label. Here

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