8 Health Benefits of Green Juice

The American Heart Association recommends eating 9 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Did you know that?

Better yet, are you doing that?

Here’s the sad truth: even if you are getting nine servings of fruits and veggies, which I’m gonna venture to say that most of us aren’t, the nutritional value of the fruits and veggies we get from our grocery store these days are greatly diminished from that of what our ancestors got 100 years ago.

That’s because farmers are under such high demand that our soils are not getting tilled very deep, and therefore are not near as rich in nutrients as they once were.

What’s this mean to us? Less nutrient-rich fruits and veggies.

So what’s the fix?

Well, you can either start chomping on all nine servings of veggies a day from your local farmer’s market OR you can drop the nine servings in your juicer every morning (talk about time-consuming)…

Either way, you’ve got to hope your body’s getting enough nutritional value from those ingredients you’re consuming.

OR you can choose a more simple and fool-proof approach…

That’s what my husband and I did… and I’ll tell you what, we’ve never looked back.

If you don’t have a juicer, don’t have the time, or don’t want to deal with all the shopping and clean up, and hoping the produce you’re buying is nutrient dense and void of unwanted toxins and chemicals, then welcome to the 21st century. ūüôā

Organifi Green Juice is a certified organic, gently dried quick juice formula, which means that it’s packed with the nutrition our bodies need to thrive!

It’s quick, easy and no-joke-delicious! You don’t even need to blend it, as it mixes easily in a shaker cup with no clumps!

In fact my family loves it so much that I’ve worked out a deal with Organifi to be able to get you a 15% discount¬†on yours!

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Now you’ve got an easy way to get all the super food benefits of fruits and vegetables¬†in 30 seconds a day, like me!

Check out these incredible eight health benefits within each serving of Organifi Green Juice!

8 Health Benefits of Organifi Green Juice:

1. Improved Fitness

  • Increased energy and stamina from¬†spirulina, which is a great source of plant protein, iron, and calcium.
  • Alkalizing greens counteract the acidic (lactic acid) environment¬†working out can produce in our body. This speeds our recovery, our body’s ability to build¬†lean muscle mass and to burn body fat effectively.
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric on our joints and ligaments and on facilitating a faster recovery, post workout.
  • Beet root powder is beneficial for production of nitric oxide, which helps to improve the¬†circulation of nutrients and oxygen to our muscles while exercising.

2. Improved Longevity

  • Anti-a ging and anti-inflammatory benefits from matcha and turmeric on our joints and cognitive function (brain health).
  • Balanced stress response from ashwagandha.

3. Improved Yoga Practice

  • Improved relaxation and focus from ashwagandha.
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits from turmeric for improved posture, practice and recovery.

4. Beauty Benefits

  • Increased collagen production and clearer skin from¬†chlorella and healthy fats.
  • Decreased skin redness, irritation, rashes, etc. from turmeric’s anti-inflammatory ability.

5. Improved Gut Health

  • Decreased cramps and indigestion from mint.
  • Use of Monk Fruit for sweetness (artificial sweeteners (including stevia) can disrupt our¬†gut biome, a.k.a. health).

6. Improved Quality of Sleep

  • Improved cortisol (stress hormone) balance which is essential for maintaining proper sleep patterns.
  • Ashwagandha has been clinically tested to support the lowering and balancing of cortisol levels by 23%.


7. Improved Hormonal Balance

  • Ashwagandha helps support and balance both the adrenals and thyroid simultaneously (which is very rare)!
  • Ashwagandha is a superfood known as an adaptogen, which means it has the ability to adapt its potency to each individual’s unique needs (pretty awesome)!

8. Improved Weight Loss

  • Matcha is a natural appetite suppressant
  • Ashwagandha has been clinically proven to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels. High cortisol levels are¬†related to increased difficulty in losing body fat.
  • Turmeric and ashwagandha can fight cravings by reducing the inflammatory cascade that may trigger the stress response.