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We're Moving to mamarooyoga.com
MamaRoo Yoga

We’re Moving!

to MamaRoo Yoga (mamarooyoga.com)

You may have noticed we’ve been MIA here for quite a while…
We assure you that we haven’t forgot about you!
2017 was a year of great transition and growth for us.
In February, we made the decision to shift directions and launch a physical product and natural lifestyle brand.
Then in April, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Magnolia, into our family.
And at the end of September we launched MamaRoo Yoga!
We have loved serving you here and appreciate all of your support.
As a family owned company, we’ve decided what makes the most sense, in order to serve you best, is to be all hands on deck over at MamaRoo Yoga – and we’d love for you to join us there!
So, for more of what you’ve loved + tools & inspiration to live naturally both on and off your mat, please join us in our new home at MamaRoo Yoga!
We hope to see you over there!

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WE’RE MOVING – Join us in our new home at MamaRoo Yoga (mamarooyoga.com)

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