How To Stay Fit During Pregnancy

6 Exercises to Prepare for Birth

Staying active during pregnancy is very important for our growing bodies and babies, as well as, our strength during labor and our recovery after birth. It is often stated that whatever you were doing before you got pregnant is safe to continue during your pregnancy. While I agree to an extent with this, there are […]

12 Minute Morning Routine To Decrease Stress

How to Promote Physical, Emotional and Mental Health in 12 Minutes or Less

Our bodies are designed to handle stress, and going through bouts of it, is a completely normal and beneficial physiologic response. If I’m being chased by a tiger, I’d much rather my body ramp up and kick into fight or flight mode, than decide to kick back and take a load off! Wouldn’t you? The problem comes, […]

4 Ways To Encourage Proper Fetal Positioning

Helping Persuade Your Baby To Turn

It’s no secret that a baby in the proper position for birth is ideal, as it often allows for more options and a more comfortable and smooth birth, something I’m guessing we’d all like. The most optimal position for natural birth is your baby’s head down and facing in toward your spine. While there is no […]

It’s Time To Get Up And Move!

How Movement Helps Prevent Chronic Disease

Hey! Do me a favor and stand up while you read this post. Your body will thank you for it. Chronic inactivity has a similar mortality rate to smoking, according to Diabetologia. This can be doubly bad news for people who do not exercise and also smoke. When it comes to a healthy life, there […]